Appraisal Reviews & Litigation Support


An Appraisal Report is intended to be the foundation for the value of the asset involved in any transaction that involves Real Estate and Machinery & Equipment.  The value arrived at within the report should be well research, documented, and explained to a level so that the document is a self-explanatory opinion.

There are times however where not all parties can agree on the Appraisal Report findings.  These claims could range from the value being materially overstated or understated through omission, the Appraiser made errors or omitted pertinent facts, or the Appraiser did not follow their own professional standards.

PVCI Prime Appraisals provides third party reviews and these reviews will differ depending on the type of review required and the professional standards outlined by the Appraisal Institute of Canada.

Types of Review Engagements Completed

PVCI Prime Appraisals will only complete Appraisal reviews of work completed by Appraisal Institute of Canada members which are completed in a Narrative Document.  At this time only Real Estate Appraisals are being accepted for review.

The two types of reviews that are permitted through our professional standards and that we will completed are:

  • A Review of the Report on the Subject Property without an Opinion of Value, OR
  • A Review of the Report on the Subject Property with an Opinion of Value.

In either report the primary function of the report will be to determine the a credible opinion as to the quality of the work provided by the initial appraiser, and to also outline their compliance or non-compliance with our CUSPAP professional standards.

In the latter report type only will PVCI Prime Appraisals provide an opinion either in agreement or disagreement with the Subject Report, and may require a complete separate valuation.

We will not perform any other form of review, nor will we make any subjective claims or statements within our review documents..

Report Completion and Ongoing Support

Appraisal Review Reports completed at PVCI Prime Appraisals are completed primarily by an Accredited Appraiser Canadian Institute (AACI, P.App), and are written in conjunction with a Canadian Residential Appraiser (CRA, P.App) when the underlying asset is residential in nature only.

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