Prime Appraisals (PVCI) has a long standing history in completing residential work in addition to our commercial activities. Our designated staff complete work throughout the week with flexibility to match your schedule. Our tenured team works out of all three of our offices completing work throughout the GTA for residential properties up to and including 4 units per dwelling. Through our years of experience and training we have developed regional knowledge that is second to none, and through our integrated team dynamic we can quickly provide you with the information you need. Some of the most common reasons for completing an appraisal are:

  • Buying a Home
  • Selling a Home
  • Estate Planning and Probate
  • Bankruptcy
  • Divorce Settlement/


Many individuals believe residential structures are all the same, but it is only when you are looking to order your first valuation that you realize the questions being asked of you sometimes throw terms at you that you are unfamiliar with. At PVCI we can verify that through our residential team we complete work on the following property types:

  • Condominium
  • Apartments
  • Estate Homes
  • Townhouse
  • Single-Family Residences
  • 2-4 Unit Multi-Family
  • Rural Residential Properties


  • Mortgage
  • Financing
  • Foreclosure
  • Relocation
  • Matrimonial Cases
  • Retrospective Valuation
  • Insurable Value
  • Bankruptcy
  • Sale/Purchase